07 June 2010

Your Trash is My Treasure

We hit one of our favorite garage sales Friday (can't tell you where; when you find a good one, you have protect it) and made out like bandits! My loot includes:
* an unopened Candyland game for $1
* a used once (if that) Chutes and Ladders game for $1
* a used once (if that) Memory game for $1
* a dog dish for .25 cents (to stay in Dudley - yay! one less thing to pack every other week)
* a nearly complete set of Mega Bloks for $1
* multiple books, including 365 outdoor activities and 365 creative toddler games (or something like that), for $1 (the spines weren't even cracked)

We might not hit another jackpot like this again all season!


Ky • twopretzels.com said...

What a GREAT day! You found some awesome stuff. I love garage sales.

Gerry said...

You found some great deals. I see a lot of game playing in your future.