14 June 2010

Let's Discuss

Have you heard about the fourth-grade teacher at a private Christian school in Florida who was fired for having premarital sex? Her employer fired her for fornication.

The act (the sex one), which occurred three weeks before a planned wedding, came to light after the teacher asked for maternity leave and her boss 'did the math'.

Story here.

I need to discuss this with someone.


Iris Took said...

INSANE. I feel I can go no further in my explanation.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Ok, I read it.

Background: I went to a Christian junior high and high school in Toledo.

My initial thoughts:

I'm disgusted. This is precisely why so many Christian organizations have EARNED their stuffy, intolerant reputations. (I remember my senior year that our librarian's son was kicked out 2 months before graduation because he got his girlfriend pregnant. KICKED OUT. He had been going to that school since pre-kindergarten. His siblings all went there. His Mom WORKED there. Still, he was kicked out and didn't get to graduate with us. No one applauded him for not aborting the baby, no one showed him any love - just kicked him out because that was the rule. RIDICULOUS.)

This principal is a jerk. What a pig.

Legally, I think the woman ABSOLUTELY has a case. By LAW she cannot be fired for a.) having sex or b.) being pregnant.

(Can you imagine having only six-weeks maternity leave? What's wrong with America?)

However, I do have a hard time believing that the woman didn't realize she couldn't have pre-marital sex. From experience, I would imagine her roll as a teacher in a Christian school means that she has more than once claimed that premarital sex was wrong. Obviously, if she's teaching that it's a no-no, she would be held to the same standard.

But ah, that's the beauty of organized religion versus true, spiritual faith.

I'd sue that principal for being a scummy, judgmental man. It's too bad that the school may be taken down just because of that stupid man.

B. said...

I think he fired her so he could just hire a replacement and wouldn't have to worry about covering the maternity leave.


Amber said...

I'm appalled. And disappointed. And, unfortunately, not surprised. I am willing to bet the boss guy was more worried about her maternity leave than her actual sin. He found an out and pounced. Or he's crazy strict and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to work for him anyway.

I agree with Kylee that the teacher was not practicing what she was teaching. I wish, though, that this could be a lesson in some other Christian value: accepting others, helping them in their time of whatever, not judging, blah, blah, blah.

I also think we could have an interesting chat on Kylee's comment of "organized religion versus true, spiritual faith". I'd like to believe that being a good person is more important than enforcing the law of the land, however that law may be interrupted.

It's no secret that I am more spiritually affected while in nature than in a concrete building. Could be way I want to punch this teacher's ex-boss.

Written Permission said...

Um. This is gross. I'd first like to say that the principal needs to settle his ass down and stop "doing the math." How is that his business? Three weeks? Come on.

I also went to a Christian junior high/high school, so I get it. I saw it happen quite a few times. But I COMPLETELY agree that a situation like this serves the students MUCH better if it's handled in a way that expresses love and forgiveness vs. cold judgement. All that tells the students is, one wrong move, and you're out.

I get that a teacher is in a position of authority and should practice what she/he preaches. But the teacher (just like the PRINCIPAL) is human, and makes mistakes. Rather than removing her from the school, why not use it as a way to teach forgiveness? Not that you have to tell fourth-graders "Mrs. Matthews boinked her husband before they were married, but she said she's sorry, so it's OK." But I'm sure there's some way to put it non-grossly and in a way they'd understand. That's if you need to address it at all with children. I mean, really. :)

Ugh. I hate stuff like this. I completely agree with Ky that this is precisely why Christian institutions have the reputations they have. Disgusting.

wrestling kitties said...

Horrible. I can't say anything that wasn't already said, so I will just say it again....HORRIBLE.

Gerry said...

OK, this has become too heated for me not to jump in. First of all Ky has argued for both sides but then sided against the school. I agree that in this day and age it is archaic BUT this teacher signed a morals contract stating she would not engage in premarital sex. I'm sure that she understood what she was signing and high school sports teams have players sign zero tolerance alcohol and drug contracts and players have been totally kicked off teams for 1 infraction so why should a teacher signing a morals contract be any different. She chose to teach in a Christian school and sign the contract. As for the principal figuring out the math that IS ridiculous and he needs fot find better things to do with his time but just because she got pregnant 3 weeks before her wedding I do not believe that was the only time they did it either. Also these aren't high schoolers they could have been a little more diligent in their birth control in the last weeks leading up to the wedding. And as Ky said she is teaching Christian morals in a Christian school and should practice what she teaches. I went to religious school for 8 years and I am totally against religious schooling but these parents are paying for private education so that their children will be raised and taught their beliefs(too narrow for me)
On the note of forgiveness, yes, that would be the proper Christian thing to do but where does the school draw the line the next time some one breaks a rule. Children have to learn that there are consequences to breaking rules which is the problem with the way too many children are raised today and why so many are obnoxious and out of control - no one makes them follow rules or pay any consequences for breaking them.
But then it is to say had the principal not "done the math" would any of the children known the difference probably not especially since due dates are not set in stone. The teacher could have also made her due date 3 weeks later and avoided the whole thing but then again she would have been breaking her Christian values by lying.
Again I say the whole thing is archaic but she new what she was getting into.

Wendy said...

Oh dear.

Gerry said...

The report I had heard on the radio said that her contract said that she agreed to not have premarital sex. The article I just read states that it only said she agreed to "uphold the values of the school" and does not state that she would be fired for any activity. This is a whole different scenario. Also the principle made the stupid statement about having a hard time covering maternity leaves. He shot himself in the foot with that. Also the fact that he personally CALLED all the parents and told them is horrific. He had no right to do that.