23 June 2010

Go Green!

If you haven't noticed, Wendy has seriously been slacking on Etsy Favorites Wednesday. I can't force her to post, so I'm going to guilt her into it. Look, Wendy. Look at these tears streaming down my cheeks. My life just isn't complete without your weekly Etsy list. I feel so lost. Oh so lost.

Nothing? OK then. I must go on without you.

For some reason, I think Wendy's favorite color is lime green. Maybe not lime green. Maybe 70s green. I'm not sure why I think this and part of me thinks I'm wrong, but either way, that's the theme of this week's AMBER's Etsy Favorites Wednesday: green things I think Wendy would like, starting with the ball vase:

I'm a sucker for miniature vases. I think they look adorable on windowsills. And gerbera daisies? The best.
Ball Vase

Oh how I wish this clock fit my decor at home. If I ever move, I will not be doing the same look in my new house; I'll definitely be going a little more modern. Until that day comes, Wendy should put this in her house. I think it'd fit nicely.

Again, something I might buy myself. (Can you see why Wendy is one of my besties?) (I love that word, besties.) The green doesn't look very limey in this photo, but the concept is really cool. Click to enlarge.
Word Garden Print

I can totally see Wendy sporting these cuties.
Twiggy Bangle

And, last, but not least, what a kicka** lamp! Wouldn't it go great next to Wendy's new clock? (See above.)
Round handmade lamp


Wendy said...

Haha! Good picks! Yeah, I know, I've been majorly slacking in the EFW department. I've been slacking in general in the blogging department too! Must get better.

But LOOK! I had picked that lamp for a previous EFW! (http://couplemorehours.blogspot.com/2010/03/etsy-favorites-wednesday-smattering-of.html)

We have good taste! And yes, 70s green IS a fave.

Thanks for the EFW list!

wrestling kitties said...

These are GREAT! I love green and each of these was WAY cute! Great job.

I have a list for Wendy as well....I will be sending it to her hopefully this weekend, it all has to do with basil! mmmmm I may not be blogging on MY blog at the moment, but I will take the time to write a post for hers :)