16 June 2010

Gift Advice

Going on the hope that there's no deadline for thank you gifts, I need some advice. I've been wanting to write this post for a month or so, but get choked up every time I try.

In late May, BB started transitioning between the infant room and the toddler room at Child Care. He started by spending a little time over there in the morning, then lunch, then nap, then the whole day. At the beginning of June we started dropping him off in that room in the morning (which has been a blast, let me tell you).

Saying good-bye to the infant room and BB's two teachers was hard on him - and me. Kathy and Cheryl are two of the best people I know and I can see why BB misses them so much. I miss them too!

They've been with BB from day 1 of Child Care. They've seen him roll over, crawl, stand, walk, eat and start to talk. Strike that. They've taught him how to roll over, crawl, stand, walk, eat and start to talk. Truth be told, for the second 12 months of his life, they spent more time on a daily basis with him than his dad or I did. How do you thank someone for that?

I like to think that Billy and I are good parents. That we give BB the encouragement and space and support he needs to grow and learn and develop. But we haven't done it alone.

There are very few people in this world I trust with BB as much as I trust Kathy and Cheryl. Even now, Cheryl is one of the few people who BB turns to for comfort. She's family to him.

So how do I thank them for caring for my son as though he was their own. For holding him when he was sad and soothing him when he was teething. For holding his hand when he was learning how to walk and rubbing his back when he was going to sleep. No gift seems big enough.


Ky • twopretzels.com said...

Your words are the best gift.

Write it out, sista.

EVERYONE likes to be appreciated. That thank you note is more than likely WHY they do what they do.

Iris Took said...

I agree. A nicely written letter is way better than 10 bucks to target. Thoughtful people like thoughtful acts.

Gerry said...

Do what you do best - a thank you scrapbook. You seem to have some good pictures from his child care with the teachers in them.

lisa said...

All great ideas from everyone...I would also make a special photo thank you card with BB on the front- I've done this for teachers and they always comment how much they love them and will always remember the child!

Amber said...

I love the thank you photo card idea! I think that with a nice note is the answer.

I like the little scrapbook idea, too. Something like an accordion card. But I wasn't sure when I'd have time to get to that!

Thank you!

Wendy said...

Chiming in late, but agreeing that a photo and a written sentiment would be great.

Gerry said...

I thought about the time crunch for the scrapbook. Talking to a friend with a daughter in child care she felt a well written letter would go a long way as they could always keep it as a reference if they ever needed to look for another job.