05 May 2010

I'm Making a Mixed Tape, er, CD

Say you're making a mixed CD to welcome/celebrate summer, what do you put on it?


SassyTimes said...

I finally got the chance to catch up on my DVR last night...watching DWTS and saw Train perform their new song (forget the name...maybe soul sister?)...ahhh...it reminded me of summertime.

I always enjoy a little DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince to kick off summer. I'm a dork, I know.

But....if I had a mixed tape (he hee) it would more than likely consist of toddler tunes. It keeps the peace. ;)

Smurfy said...

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Iris Took said...

Bottle o Wine!

Bottle o wine, fruit o the vine, when ya gonna let me get sooooober....

wrestling kitties said...

I am not sure exactly what songs I would have, but I know artists I would have. It is kind of a crazy mix and they are not necessarily “summer bands”, but over the years they have somehow been listened to by me in the summer and when I hear certain songs of theirs in the summer it makes me happy.

Dave Matthews Band
Bob Marley
Indigo Girls
Iron Maiden
Guns N Roses
John Hiatt
Matchbox 20