26 May 2010

I'm Glad I Didn't Think of This

Alternate Title: Wha?

I got my handy dandy Huggies coupons in the mail last night and was flipping through the mailer, specifically hoping there was a Little Swimmers coupon inside, when what do I see? Jeans diapers? No way. I'm being punked. This is a Saturday Night Live skit. I'm on Candid Camera. Nope. Huggies really makes jeans diapers ... because "good looks are in the jeans" ... get yours now, they are "the 'must-have' fashion of the season" ... they are "in stores for a limited engagement".

I can't make this stuff up.


Written Permission said...

Not going to lie, the idea that babies should have to be fashionable disturbs me to an immeasurable degree.

wrestling kitties said...

Diapers that look like jeans, really?! Aren't diapers those things kids shit and piss in that go under a child's clothing?! I just want to make sure because I wasn't aware that the thing that kids shit and piss in had to be fashionable....just durable.

Question, would you wear these under or over an actual pair of jeans that you put on a child?!

Honestly, I wouldn't have gone with the jean look...maybe zebra stripped or leopard print.

B. said...

The bad part of all this is that we saw them at the store not long after this post and bought some. BB has yet to try them out, but that will be soon. Picture will probably follow.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...


SassyTimes said...

It seems uncomfortable....I mean, who would really rather wear jeans than anything else?