04 May 2010

Eye've Been Thinking

First, a bit 'o background (similar to a Bit-O-Honey, but not as chewy):
  • I've worn glasses since I was 7 (2nd grade).
  • I've worn contacts since I was 12 (7th grade).
  • My eyes are -7.5 and -7.25 (which means I can't see for sh*t).
About five years ago, I went to a local Lasik provider for a consultation. I have to admit that I left kinda scared. The people were not very reassuring or comforting. Granted, I know they shouldn't make promises they can't keep, but I definitely didn't feel comfortable. Especially since the thickness of my cornea was only going to give us one shot at surgery. Gulp.

I think about talking to another doctor every so often, but I always find a reason not to (or life gets busy and I forget). So, dear readers, what's your experience with Lasik? Would you do it? Have you done it? Be honest, but spare the gross details. Googling images for this post was almost enough to talk me out of this entirely.


Sarah W said...

Hey, I've been thinking about this lately as well. My eyeball story is VERY similar yours. I, too, can't see for sh*t. I have a friend whose dad is an eye surgeon (he lives in Florida, though, boo) and she told me that it's safe, quick and relatively painless. "Safe," meaning people don't go blind. (She had it done - by her dad.) My father-in-law had Lasik in Canada years ago because it's WAY cheaper (or was then) and he raves about it.

So I dunno. I'm kind of chicken too... But I think I want to do it someday.

Amber said...

A girl I work with just had it done and is the poster child for it now. That's why I've been thinking about it again. Did you know some places offer lifetime guarantees? Wouldn't really help me since my cornea is thin, but I think that aspect is interesting. I've known a couple people over the years who've done it and all are happy, but it's only a handful of people. I want to hear from MILLIONS of people that it's safe and relatively painless (or better yet, completely painless!).

Sarah said...

No personal experience here, but I too know a good number of people who have had it done and ALL of them are happy!

SassyTimes said...

Interesting. My eyes are -7.5 and -6.5 and my eye Dr. (who also does Lasik) said I was not a candidate because my eyes are so bad. I stressed over it for-eva...then finally asked him and he told me it's a no-go. I worried for nothin'.

Now, I wonder why he said that if you were told it was possible? Weird.

Amber said...

I think it has to do with the thickness of your corneas. I don't think the thickness of your cornea correlates to the strength or weakness of your eyesight. Since Lasik involves shaving the cornea to change the shape of your eye, if you have less cornea to work with, it won't work.

So, even though our eyesight is similar, your cornea could be thinner than mine. I may have a slightly thicker cornea than yours so they have more to work with. Does that make sense?

SassyTimes said...

It does make sense! I wonder why he didn't explain that to me. Makes me want a second opinion.

Gerry said...

Hi, I too know several people who have done it and are very happy even though some of them have to now wear readers. They are just happy to be able to see and not have to wear glasses all of the time. If you weren't happy with the first docter you went to - shop around until you find one you are comfortable with. It also helps to get more oppinions.

B. said...

Do it

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

"Shaving the cornea" scares me.

That said, I know a NUMBER of people who have successfully gotten it done. The only semi-slight complaint I've heard from TWO of them (that's all!) is that a few years down the road, they both had to get a VERY low prescription pair of glasses for reading. (Ages: 35 and 40-ish.)

Note: C.'s aunt used to work for an eye surgeon and was incredibly pro-lasik. Said it was the best thing that happened to SO many people.

Can you imagine waking up and actually SEEING the glasses that were next to your bed?

I can't.