06 April 2010

Say 'Cheese'!

I noticed yesterday, while looking for photos of myself to put on Facebook, that, um, I'm not in a lot of photos. This is good (because I'm not the most photogenic person on the planet), but in the long run, this is bad. I call it 'taking after my mom'.

Cameras were a constant when I was growing up. An event, like washing the car, didn't go by without visual documentation. This is awesome for several reasons. I have a gajillion photos from my childhood and I have photos from everyday events, the real day-in-my-life-type events. But, looking back, my mom isn't in many of them - mostly because she was taking them.

Now that I'm a picture-taking freak, the same is true of my albums. We have hundreds of pictures of BB and Billy and Devo and our friends and family, but only a handful of me. I have to make it a point to hand the camera off (and wear make-up) more. This could be painful, but it's for the good of my offspring. (At least I hope that someday they'll want to know what I looked like when I was 32-years, 360-days-old.)


SassyTimes said...

I have this problem too! I'm always the one with the camera - capturing the moments; so my husband is in all the pics. It would appear from photos only that I was never around. ;)

Lynn said...

This is the same for me, too.

Anonymous said...

you dont look a day past 32 years 359 days.

Hee Hee Hee.


wrestling kitties said...

same. I was in tons of pictures when I was younger, then kind of stopped during my akward years about age 12 - 19! Then I have a bunch of me in college, but they usually involve me being drunk or holding liquor while I am getting drunk. Then when I finally got sober my Senior year I stopped getting into pictures unless I had to. I am either taking them and if I am not I just don't want to be in them. But I WILL get a picture for my birthday, I want to remember when I am 50 what 30 looked like :)