05 April 2010

Nail, Meet Hammer.

A few weeks ago, I told my friend Missy that I was nervous about going to a scrapbook crop. She asked why and I said I didn't like groups, blah, blah, blah. She cut me off and called me out. Her exact words were, 'You're just afraid they won't like you.'

Um, what? I was speechless, mostly because, well, she was right. I'd just never realized it. Here's some evidence to support her claim.

I hate going to parties, but I love throwing them. I hate participating in group projects at conferences, but I love brainstorming at work. I hate the thought of joining a team, but I love the camaraderie that goes along with playing a team sport.

Yep. I can't get away with the 'group' excuse anymore. It's obviously not group activities that I dislike, it's the fear that I won't be accepted. Am I really still a teenage girl on the inside? Have I learned nothing in my 3-plus decades on Earth?


Anonymous said...

I love the truth. It is so educational. I usually hate to hear the truth when it is something about me. After I get over that initial shock of "OH! I am NOT", I usually am glad, learn from it and become a better man (or at least try). Fortunately, I am married to your friend Missy, so I have plenty of opportunity to better myself! (hee hee hee just kidding baby! I love you tons) It is good to have friends who will act as a "mirror" and point out what we cannot see in ourselves.

ps- Thank you A. for letting me use your blog to communicate to my wife:)

pps- Sorry for the emoticon.


Written Permission said...

At the end of your post, I kept going with, "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret." Heehee.

I am exactly the same way. EXACTLY. I always have to give myself a pep talk before going into any situation like that. And I'm always fine. It's just getting myself there. :)

Anonymous said...

Good friends can call each other out...with love. I think we all want to be accepted, not just teenagers. You have plenty of friends who like you...why wouldn't others?

wrestling kitties said...

oh agree, I could have written this post. This is TOTALLY me!

WP I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you quoted a Ray Stevens song! I have his CD's and listened to them all through high school. that made me laugh because I am a dork like that!!