14 April 2010

I Love the BBC

My morning routine goes a little something like this: wake up, tell Billy to hit snooze, wake up, tell Billy to hit snooze, complain about having to get out of bed, drag self out of bed, shower, blah, blah blah. Go to work, drop BB off at Child Care, turn computer on, check e-mail, check other e-mail, check third e-mail, check the BBC.

I love the BBC! Its stories are always so interesting. Just today I learned about padded bikinis for girls as young as 7 (so wrong), Japanese whale meat being sold abroad (also wrong) and damage to the Great Barrier Reef after a Chinese ship took a shortcut (lazy and wrong).

I feel smarter after reading the BBC. I also enjoy reading 'their' side of 'our' issues. And, of course, I love British spelling: apologises, tonnes, programme, 3 April. I don't even have to do the conversion from km to mile - they do it for me! Good stuff.


Wendy said...

I've been absorbing a lot of news lately from a bunch of different sources like the AP, Huffington Post, USA Today, etc. I haven't yet tried the BBC but I will have to! I have different news apps on my Ipod and I'll spend an hour or more each evening going through them. I wonder if the BBC has an Ipod app? I shall find out!

Plus I just love all things British. I would love to visit London, just to listen to them talk. British accents do it for me!

Sarah W said...

Do you read it in a British accent in your head? Hehe.

I like the BBC too. I spent a summer in London in college and got hooked there.

Iris Took said...

I love the British accent - so polite and smart!

wrestling kitties said...

Oh, I LOVE the BBC. Not only do I watch programs from BBC - I feel their news is the best after NPR. And I believe what they have to say because I could not imagine them lying...and because they seem smart with their accents!