11 March 2010

Our Second Home

Billy and I got the keys (all six of them) to Dudley today. It was nice to see him again!

Billy is really excited to take him for a spin, but my mind is spinning! Our little 'lesson' today made me realize there's a lot more to RV camping than there is to tent camping!

I think I followed everything our teacher was saying. Empty the black water (use your imagination) before the gray water. Plug the microwave in before you use it. Make sure you turn the propane tank on if you want heat or hot water. Don't leave the awning up if it's windy.

Got it. I think. If not, Billy probably does since our teacher was talking to him most of the time. The most I got was, 'Here is the light switch, Amber.' OK. That thing that looks like a light switch is a light switch. Check.

Now, where to go? Where to go? Suggestions?


Wendy said...

Memorial Day. Caesar Creek Campground. Super fun. Dudley would love it. Has a lake. And it's close to awesome shopping - flea markets, antiques, fabrics, outlets. Fo sho!

Iris Took said...

Dudley! What a fun name!

Written Permission said...

I love the name Dudley! This sounds like so much fun (except for the black water; ew).

Kelly said...

Come back to Jersey! There are tons of campgrounds down near the shore. I think there are even some in the Cape May area. You could come stay in our campground. It's great! You get the joys of the beach/shore and you can camp...well YOU can camp. My camping involves a park model trailer with heat/ac, running water, tv, etc. I don't camp.