26 March 2010

Dear Old Navy, I Hate You

My sweet, silly husband is always forcing me to buy clothes and shoes (I hate shopping), so the other day he bought everything in my virtual Old Navy shopping cart: a shirt, two skirts, a pair of comfy pants and two pairs of flip-flops!

So what's the problem, you ask? Only half of the items fit. Of the half that fit, half could really go either way. I've written about this before here, but Old Navy didn't hear me.

Right now, I own Old Navy jeans in four different sizes - and they all fit. It's not like some fit some days and some fit other days. I understand that fit could depend on season and styles might fit differently, but two pairs of jeans are the same style, just different colors, and were bought at the same time!

All I'm asking for is some consistency. Better yet, maybe girls' jeans should be sized like guy jeans. I wonder if that would work?


Iris Took said...

AMEN! God love Old Navy for their prices, but quality is out the window. Mmmm, maybe I have just solved the puzzle.

Also, every shirt I own from ON stretches out after 3 hours of wear. I find that annoying.

PS - How thoughtful is B!

Wendy said...

Old Navy is good for kids clothes, but that's about it. However, even with the kids clothes, all of the girls' ON jeans have holes in the knees, but their other jeans (which they wear the same amount) do not. I guess you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

So i wear size 38 waist in pants/jeans, most of my pants are big around the waist (I should prolly buy size 36) and i need a belt to hold them up... About a year or 2 ago i tried on a pair of ON jeans size 38... I couldnt even get them on because they were too tight... I can prolly squeeze into a pair of size 34 in any other jean, but the size 38 at ON were more like a 32... absurd.


wrestling kitties said...

true that!! I use to shop there and would have to grab a few different sizes just to see what would fit that day. As someone who HATES to shop it just didn't seem worth it, even for the price.

I do love their coats though! The only thing that seems to be of a slightly higher quality :)

And very nice of B.!!