03 February 2010

Stop, Drop and Roll

I remember fire safety from elementary school: if you catch on fire, you stop, drop and roll. But what do you do if the guy you are following on 75 is on fire and doesn't know it? You honk, wave and cut 'em off. Granted, they'll get mad at you and you'll look like a mad person - until they realize what's going down. I know this because on Monday, my coworker Matt and I pretty much saved two peoples' lives. Here's what happened:

We were following a truck pulling a boat on 75 North when we started smelling smoke. After confirming it wasn't coming from my car, we realized it was coming from a boat being pulled by the truck in front of us. I pulled alongside the truck and we tried to get the driver's attention, but he just got frustrated that we weren't letting him change lanes. Finally, the light bulb clicked on and he swerved to the side of the road and jumped out of his truck. I pulled off the side of the road, called 911 and made sure everyone was safe before continuing to work, where I spent the rest of the day in pointless meetings.

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wrestling kitties said...

That is awesome! We heard about that fire as one of the guys from work was stuck in traffic. Who knew I knew the person that helped these people out :) Very cool