11 February 2010

No One is Out to Get Me

Now that BB is mobile, like disappearing in mere seconds mobile, we have started shutting the doors to our upstairs rooms - specifically the bathroom.

The only problem is that now when I go upstairs and see a closed door, I think someone's hiding in that room. I catch my breath. My heart stops. I start to turn and run down the stairs. Then I remember, "Oh, yeah, I shut that door. There is not a serial killer hiding in the spare bedroom. Whew."


Iris Took said...

Are you getting the toilet clamp like in Baby Mama?

Shaun said...

I confess, I leave the shower curtain open so no serial killers can hide in there. I also refuse to shut the door to my closet. Ben's always shutting the closet doors, and I'm always right behind him opening them.

Amber said...

We totally got a toilet clamp! Without it, he kept dropping the lid on his fingers when he'd try to lift it. Worse, if we accidentally left the lid open, he'd splash in the water! Silly baby!