03 February 2010

Moving On

I owe a HUGE thank you to Freckleface over at Disorganized Thoughts for the Day for recommending an amazing T-town chiropractor.

I've been going to a chiropractor for almost 13 years, but it's getting harder and harder to find time to see him since he refuses to leave our hometown, which is a little over an hour away, and move in with me. For years, I've scheduled appointments around trips home, or when I just couldn't take the pain anymore, snuck home to see him.

I finally broke down and started seeing a local doctor (whose office is literally less than 5 minutes from my house) last month and am in heaven! (Sorry, Dr. Luderman.)

Have you ever met someone and known instantly that you liked him or her? That's how I feel about Dr. Smith. She has some aura that makes me comfortable and trusting, which is a good thing when you're allowing a complete stranger to jerk your head around.

I'll always love my old chiropractor, but, um, he's not as good as Dr. Smith. He's never talked to me about exercises to help my crooked spine and degenerating neck (probably because he never did X-rays and therefore didn't know about those things). He's also never talked to me about shoes or mattresses or pillows. And he's never thumped me, which is a slightly painful, mostly awesome massaging thing (get yer head outta the gutter, people).

Actually, now that I'm writing this, why did I love him so much?


SassyTimes said...

There are exercises to help a crooked spine??? I have one too, but never knew that!

Amber said...

I guess they won't fix my spine, but they'll help relieve some of my pain. (Or so she says. I'm yet to start them!)

I'll scan the sheet in and e-mail it to you!

B. said...

Hmmm, I seem to remember somebody telling you to go to a chiropractor in the Greater Toledo Area a long time ago