11 January 2010

This Can Only Mean One Thing

You know that joke about how every group of friends has an annoying friend - if you don't think you have an annoying friend in your group, you're the annoying friend? Well, I might be the annoying family member.

Over Christmas, we had Billy's three brothers, significant others, mom, nephew and dog stay with us for several days. About halfway through the stay, I told Billy that I was so happy that he didn't have an annoying brother and that I loved their significant others. In short, it's beyond awesome that we can have a family gathering that doesn't involve bickering, fighting or out-and-out bloodshed.

While I was reveling in the mystery of this occurrence, Billy pointed out that every family has to have an annoying member and since I couldn't pinpoint who it was, it must be me. Crap.


wrestling kitties said...

HA! I am trying to think who is annoying in our family and I am hoping it is not me!!

Gerry said...

Your not the annoying one. Maybe we got lucky!(but then again it could be whoever called you a 4 eyed cow! who is it I'm going to smack him