13 January 2010

That'll be $20

A couple weeks ago, I noticed a lump on my right wrist. It didn't hurt bad or all the time, but it moved and seemed to change size, so I did some research on the Internets and decided it was probably a ganglion cyst - no big deal, but I decided to do the adult thing and get it looked at.

WebMD specifically says, 'Whether you have symptoms or not, your ganglion cyst can benefit from medical evaluation. Your doctor can be sure that you have a ganglion cyst, keep you from worrying, and help decide on the best treatment plan for you.'

So, I went in yesterday expecting evaluation and a treatment discussion and WHAM!, without warning, my doctor pops it. And I think she enjoyed it. Weirdo.

She (and WedMD) said that back in the day, people used to pop them by smashing them with a Bible. (Ouch.)


B. said...

I told you that I would have done it for you, but noooo you wanted the doctor to do it!

Mickey D. said...

Ooh, what came out of it?! I enjoy that kind of stuff - I'm gross like that!

Wendy said...

I just threw up a little. Thanks.

Written Permission said...

Oh. My. God. My husband would be ALL OVER that. (He enjoys that stuff, too, Mickey D. I cannot relate. But more power to you guys.)

I cannot believe people used to smash cysts with their Bibles. Did they think Satan lived in the pus?? Evil pus! Evil pus!

Iris Took said...


I also enjoy that kind of stuff (I hate that I like it, but I can't help it).

Is that where the term Bible thumping came from?

Amber said...

Just for you, M.:

According to WebMd, the stuff inside the cyst "is a thick, sticky, clear, colorless, jellylike material". Since it was totally under my skin, I never got to see the stuff that came out. It's just floating around in my wrist now. Yay.

Mickey D. said...

Oh, that stinks that you didn't get to see it. But the description of it sounds cool, exactly what I would think (and hope) it would look like :)