06 January 2010

I Need an On/Off Switch

He won't straight out admit it, but I think it bugs the crap out of my husband that I go to bed mere seconds after we put BB to bed every night. I've always been the type of person who needs a lot of sleep. I just can't survive on the five hours he can. But it's worse now that I get up with BB and pump during the night. It also doesn't help that this is how my mind works at about 3 a.m.:

hey our 15-year high school reunion is this year i can't believe it's been 15 years holy crap it's 2010 where has the time gone i wonder what we're doing for our reunion i like the idea of getting together on homecoming weekend but i understand that some people want it during the summer since they have to travel i think would should start a group on facebook to talk about this stuff it'd also be fun to share pics from high school i wonder how much people have changed will people want to share pictures i think it'd be fun to see pictures of other people but i don't want my picture up there but if i put pictures up i'd have to be ok with my picture going up i should ask heidi and amanda tomorrow if we should do this i think they'd like the idea but since they're kinda in charge of the whole reunion thing i'll run it by them or should i just do it they don't own facebook well maybe i'll ask just to make sure they aren't already working on something

Then I compose the e-mail in my head.

Then I think:

i wonder if i should write this down no it's just an e-mail nothing fancy but i don't want to forget i'll send it first thing tomorrow morning or should i just go do it now since i'm up no cause if i get out of bed then bb might hear me rustling around and then he'll wake up and then i'll never get back to sleep i wonder how long i've been up already i wish i could fall back asleep don't look at the clock don't look at the clock crap i've been up for 45 minutes probably shouldn't even try to fall back asleep because the second i do bb is going to wake up i wish i could fall back to sleep after i pump why is billy snoring he says i snore but i don't believe him who am i kidding i probably do i guess the good thing is i can't snore when i'm awake

Next thing I know the alarm is going off and I'm not rested at all, despite going to bed at 9:30. The cool thing is I get to do this all over again tonight. Whee!


SassyTimes said...

Oh, how I need an on/off switch too. I go through this every night.

Wendy said...

I bet it killed you to type out that running sentence without adding the proper punctuation! ;)

My major problem is falling asleep; my mind won't shut off. So, I've taken to drinking. That helps.