24 January 2010

I Love Rock 'N Roll ... and Adult Contemporary

I could not, under any circumstances, live without music. I can't say I love all music (except for Polka Floyd, accordions aren't really my thing), but I love a lot of it - classic rock, country, grunge, 80s, oldies, etc., etc., etc.

Luckily, my husband doesn't mind my station-hopping habits. (That I'm aware of.) We tune into K100 and 89X regularly, but lately I've also been tuning into The River, something I never used to do.

I avoided The River because it reminds me of the station my bus driver used to listen to, which, when I was in elementary school, was what 'old people' listened to. Now I find that I - gulp - enjoy adult contemporary music. This can only mean one thing, not that I'm - gulp - old, but that I have varied taste in music, which is a good thing. (Or so I'm telling myself.)


SassyTimes said...

I say it's a good thing! I love music too...and a wide variety at that. I've listened to the River a few times; they seem to play less commercials. I've been on an oldies kick lately...93.5. My daughter just started repeating things we say, so I'm terrified that she will pick up one of the many words in "today's" music.

Wow, now I sound old. ;)

wrestling kitties said...

HA! This is awesome. I too find that adult contemporary music is not that bad to listen too these days...gasp!

I am also listening to NPR (just like my parents did) AND I have been listening to classical music at work when it gets annoyingly stressful.

Oh, I am getting older.