24 January 2010

I Bought a Farmer

Billy and I have been talking a lot lately about eating better, exercising more and living a healthier lifestyle in general. As part of that, we decided to purchase a share in a community-supported agriculture program.

As part of the CSA, we'll be getting a box of assorted, locally grown vegetables for 18 weeks starting in mid-June. The veggies will vary depending on Mother Nature, but the planned assortment includes everything from carrots to beets to squash.

Not only will this force us to eat better, we'll be supporting a local farmer and, in a small way, helping the environment. For more information, check out our farmer here.

Update: We decided to go for the gold and get a fruit share too! Yay!


Written Permission said...

Not only do you have your own farmer, but his dog appears to have a blog. That.Is.Awesome.

This whole thing is very, very cool. We discovered two Farmer's Markets very close to our house, but we discovered them too late in the year last year to really get anything out of them. Come spring, though, we are all over that mess. I'm very excited. And I think what you're doing is REALLY awesome. I wonder if they have such a thing in my neck of the woods...

Iris Took said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to hear what this has to offer and what you will be getting. Good for you!