25 January 2010

Don't Be Shy

I see you over there, reading this blog, being all quiet and sneaky. Come out; introduce yourself; I promise I won't bite.

What's your name? How'd you find my blog? What's your favorite color? I'd love to know more about you!

(And next time you're around, please feel free to comment. I love me some comments!)

Update: Did you know that I know that 36 people came to my blog yesterday in addition to those brave enough to comment? I'll give you a piece of candy if you introduce yourself. Who doesn't love M&Ms?

Update 2: Did you know that I know that 43 different people have visited my blog since this morning? This is my last pitch - please say 'hi'. This time, I'm offering a piece of candy, two rubberbands and a purple paperclip - just for saying 'hi'!

Update 3: Since I wrote this post, a total of 129 different people visited my blog. I've accepted the fact that ya'll are shy. It's cool. I appreciate you reading and I promise not to force you to identify yourself ever again. (Although, you should be warned that I routinely break promises.)


B. said...

Hi I am B, your husband, I read it because you ask me "did you read my blog today?" If I say no you say "why not?" It is just easier for me to read it.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Oh! Fun!

My name is, Kylee and I found your blog through this crazy blogger web that we've got going. My favorite color is orange. And, of course - I appreciate ALL the comments that you (and B!) leave on my blog.


(B, you're not alone. I ask my husband EVERY DAY if he's read my blog, too.)

Iris Took said...

HI! I am Colleen, or Een, or Iris as it were. I found you via our blog family (either from Kylee or Michelle) and am so glad I did! It was also really fun to see you and B at your place of employment over the Holiday time.

Thanks for all your reading and for B's reading too!

I mean, who doesn't love comments? As a blogger, I LIVE for comments!

I love your blog - keep it up.

wrestling kitties said...

My name is Jenn of Wrestling Kitties fame :) I know you from work and as a friend. My favorite color is green and I have to say I do love your blog!

(Do I get a piece of candy?!)

Anonymous said...

I'm Carla from work and also your 'hood. I read this blog on occasion when your hubby mentions you wrote something on your blog and I'm like, "Really? I'll have to check it out."

My favorite colors are green and purple, my pets are named Lola, Vader, Kenobi and R2, I like all types of music and long walks on the beach. My favorite TV shows are How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm one of your 36 minions.

Amber said...

Oh! I have minions! How fun! :-)

Candy to Jenn, Carla and Minion #6.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know I'm a day late and stuff but can I still get some of that sweet sweet candy? "hi"

What about this... "hi"

And this.. "hi"

extra candy?

You can call me a minion, but i'd rather be your strolling maestro:)


aka "Maestro bk"

the grumbles said...


I'm late, but it's Jamie from G&G. I'm not afraid to comment, I promise!

I think I found you through Two Pretzels? or one of those lovely ladies in that group of friends.

When I did de-lurking day I could SEE tons of people coming and NOT COMMENTING and it made me SO MAD. So, kudos to you for calling them out on it.


warnse said...

My favorite color is purple and I have a dog named Louie. Who am I? lol you know who I am! Making me feel bad for not commenting so I signed up for a Google account just for you! I love reading your Blog you are such a good and entertaining writer!

Mattie said...

My name is Mattie and there aren't a ton of me so you should be able to figure that out alright.
I don't have a blog since it would read something like "My kid just pooed in his underwear for the third time this week then broke my lamp."
So I read yours instead. :)