15 December 2009

How'd You Like that Wrapped?

Christmas is nearly upon us (Oh, no! When did that happen?!) and I've been gift-wrapping like a champ. The other day I had to break down and put a few things in gift bags. (Blech.) This hurt my heart.

What do you prefer? Wrapping paper or gift bags? How's come?


Sarah said...

I feel the same way! I LOVE wrapping paper. I have one gift, though, that's going to need a bag, and it's driving me nuts!

wrestling kitties said...

I LOVE wrapping paper (and ribbons and bows)! I love to get matching paper, ribbons and bows every year so I have a bit of a "theme" with my gifts. I even managed to wrap round pizza pans in paper (with no box) because I refused to use a bag! I am currently all caught up with wrapping as I have been wrapping as I buy them. I still have more to wrap once they come in, but it is looking good!

Written Permission said...

I love wrapping paper...in theory. But the lazy woman within me finds comfort in knowing that, if push comes to shove, I can just toss something in a bag, throw some artfully-crumpled tissue paper on top and call it a day.

I try to wrap things if they're easy to wrap -- and I do enjoy it. But otherwise, I bag it. :(