16 December 2009

Christmas is Ruined*

Since we're all going to be together for Christmas for the first time in like a million years, Billy's family decided to do a gift exchange among the adults. Yay!

I totally wanted to get my person a scarf with pockets - specifically one Bath and Body Works sold like four years ago. Unfortunately, well, they're out. I looked around online and found a cute one with pockets that opened to the side, which made it more usable I thought, so I ordered it.

It came yesterday ... and I hate it*. It's not soft or long enough to wrap around your neck. Granted, it is pretty. And warm.

So, since I can't knit or crochet (poop) and since the ones on Etsy were either ugly or $80 and since Christmas is pretty much here, I'm devastated*.

* I am exaggerating for effect. Christmas isn't ruined; it's just broken. I don't 'hate' the scarf, but it's not what I wanted. And I'm not 'devastated', just disappointed. However, if you can knit me up a scarf with pockets by next Thursday, all could be fixed.


Iris Took said...

Why would ANYONE make a scarf not long enough to wrap around your neck? That's just mean.

Shaun said...

UGH! If you had told me instead of ordering one, my Mom could have totally made one for you! She even makes them so they're wide enough to go over your head.