16 November 2009

You Go, Miracle Whip!

Has anyone else been following the Steven Colbert/Miracle Whip fight? It is cracking.me.up!

It started last week when Colbert defended mayo from 'vicious Miracle Whip attacks'. He was upset by commercials in which Miracle Whip says, "Don't go unnoticed. Don't blend in. Don't be so mayo."

Miracle Whip counterattacked by purchasing spots during the Colbert Report, which directly addressed Colbert. There's also a funny letter circulating.

I've never been more proud to be a Miracle Whip fan.


B. said...

I still prefer the mayo but I do like the way that Miracle Whip handled the taunting.

Anonymous said...

They both taste gross.

wrestling kitties said...

I heart Steven Colbert. And this whole thing is funny.

However, IF I use it I prefer mayo over miracle whip. Go Mayo