19 November 2009

I am Thankful for ...

My friend Shaun over at As the Days Go By has committed to writing a post a day about things for which she is thankful. I'm getting a late start, so I've decided to do a 30-item rundown, one thing for each day of November.

1. My husband. He's pretty much the best husband ever. Yesterday, for example, he ate the alfalfa sprouts off my sandwich because I didn't want them. What would I do without him?
2. My son. He's pretty much the best baby ever. I can't wait to get home to hold him.
3. My dog. He's pretty much the best dog ever. We kind of adopted him on a whim, but it was one of the best decisions we ever made.
4. My job. I am so lucky to have a job I enjoy and to work with people I like. It makes getting up in the morning a lot easier.
5. Financial stability. I've had jobs before that I enjoyed, but the peanuts I earned didn't allow for some of the experiences - not necessarily things - that make like even fuller. Like the ability to go on vacation.
6. Child care. I love my son ... and I love my job. I never intended to be a stay-at-home mom, but without family in the area, it was something I had to consider. Our child care arrangement is the best possible.
7. A roof over my head. When we were house-hunting, I was convinced we'd never find a house we liked in our price range, but we were so very wrong. It's going to be hard to leave. I wonder if we could move it?
8. Two cars. Although Billy, BB and I all drive to and from work/child care together, I'm grateful that we have two dependable vehicles.
9. My health. Except for migraines and an annual sinus infection, I'm healthy as a horse.
10. My husband's health. He doesn't even get headaches.
11. My son's health. Except for two colds, he, too, is healthy as a horse. And growing like a weed.
12. My education. I like to learn. I like to be enlightened. If I didn't hate group projects so much, I would totally get a master's degree in something "useless" like philosophy.
13. My family. I have a very small family. And we are terrible at staying in touch. But, I know they're there if I need them.
14. My extended family. I've totally adopted Billy's brothers and their significant others and his aunts and uncles and parents and grandmother. And they get me whether they like it or not.
15. My friends. Especially the ones who didn't give up on me when I slept through the first trimester of pregnancy and when I dropped off the face of the earth after BB was born.
16. My cell phone. This sounds silly, but I used to hate my cell phone. I refused to get one until an employer made me. Now I couldn't live without it.
17. E-mail. Twitter. Texting. And, yes, even, gasp, Facebook. I like being connected.
18. Books. If I could be a professional reader, I would.
19. My blog. It fills my need to write. And try my hand at comedy.
20. Dr. Pepper. It literally got me through the first 10 months of BB's life.
21. Fall. The leaves. The crispness in the air. The smell. Can it get any better?
22. Digital photography. I miss old-fashioned cameras. You know, the ones with the film? But, I love the immediacy of digital cameras. I love having the ability to share photos via e-mail. Ah, technology.
23. Music. I could write a whole blog post about the power of music. Instead, I'll sum up: music is amazing.
24. Chocolate. In all forms. Cookie, brownie, cake, donut, bar, chip, ice cream ...
25. The Post Office. Seriously. Even though I've embraced e-mail and text messaging, I still love to get and receive hand-written notes and cards. Thank you, USPS, for battling sleet, snow, rain and dogs to bring me my mail.
26. Reruns. When Cheers ended, I cried. When Friends ended, I cried. When Buffy ended, I cried. Now I know those tears were pretty pointless. Between DVDs and cable, we'll be together forever.
27. Random acts of kindness. As I get older, I've noticed that I'm getting a lot more cynical. Luckily, just before I finish packing and hop on the fastest bus to Alaska, someone does something that restores my faith in humanity.
28. Contacts. 'Cause I hate glasses and I'm not a great candidate for Lasik.
29. The two parks within walking distance from our house. Growing up in the country spoiled me. City parks curb my need to be among nature.
30. You. For reading my blog. For commenting on my blog. For listening to me ramble.

I'm a pretty lucky girl.


Grandma said...

I liked getting you!

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your rambling...

and you...

and Chocolate...


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful that I have friends that are thankful. And who understand that even if I'm not the best at staying in touch on a regular basis...I'm always here and think about you often. I'm thankful because I am pretty sure that you think about me, too. (And read your blog...just don't always comment... I'm weird.) One of my friends makes it a habit to have thankful Thursdays. It was really neat to see a long list like that though.
Thanks for being my friend,

wrestling kitties said...

very nice list! I may do this on my blog as it is always nice to take a step back and look at the things you are thankful for :)