24 October 2009

Green by Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker's Green both begins and completes his Circle Series, an epic story of good versus evil in which the main character, Thomas Hunter, travels between our world and another in an effort to save both worlds after his son Samuel turns his back on his family and his faith and decides to wage war on others in their world.

Green may be categorized as a fantasy book, but its theme resonates in the here and now. The parallels between the worlds in the book and between those worlds and our world make this book enjoyable and relevant.

Dekker paints the Black Forest so descriptively that it could be a real place. The pacing is such that I didn't want to put the book down. And his characters are developed so well that their motives and actions are understandable. The only part of the book that was hard for me to grasp was the difference in time periods between the two worlds (2,000 years) and the difference between how years pass in each world (faster in ours than the Black Forest).

Whether you like to read for entertainment or for inspiration, I recommend this book. It is written so that it can complete or begin Dekker's Circle Series, however I recommend reading it as the conclusion.


Iris Took said...

Is this a fictional Black Forest or is it Schwartz Wald in Germany?

Amber said...

Iris, it's fictional.