07 October 2009

Don't Laugh

I've been trying to write this post for months. Since April 1, actually. But it's been hard. Just a warning - if you laugh at me for what I'm about to write, I will punch you.

I have a very distinct memory of coming home from half-day kindergarten (I was in the morning class) and helping my mom bake chocolate chip cookies while we watched Guiding Light. That was in 1982.

From that day forward, if I wasn't in school, I watched Guiding Light. I loved to be outside during the summer, but you can bet that on any given weekday, between 3 and 4 p.m., I was inside watching TV. I was so into Guiding Light that my friend Stephanie and I chose it as the subject of a paper we had to write together our senior year of high school. That was in 1995.

As the years went on, and my schedule got busier, I'd record Guiding Light and watch it on the weekends. If I couldn't watch it, I'd catch up online.

What I'd getting at is that Guiding Light has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. So, when Stephanie and my friend Ericka texted me on April 1 to tell me that Guiding Light was cancelled, I cried. (They did too, to be honest.) I couldn't believe that after 72 years of broadcasting (the show started on radio), it was ending.

I watched the final episode (and cried, of course), but I still can't believe it's over. I still can't bring myself take the link to the daily recap off my bookmarks. I like to think that the Coopers and the Lewises and the Spauldings are still getting married and shot, still fighting and sleeping around, still coming through for each other and coming back as ghosts. Because that's what I've known for 32 years.


SassyTimes said...

As awful as soaps are, they are addicting. I used to watch General Hospital in high school/college...and since I've become a SAHM, I feel like I have to have it on in the background as we start to make dinner. I'm sure my child will have memories of it. lol.

wrestling kitties said...

What a good memory from being a kid!

If I watched something for that long I would be sad to see the show go too.

Anonymous said...

I completely heart when A. starts a conversation/post with "don't laugh..."

How about a giggle?



Written Permission said...

I think I'll feel similar if/when Days of Our Lives is canceled. Even though I haven't watched it for several years, it's nice to know those crazy kids are still out there, languishing in comas and marrying each other's husbands.

It IS kind of like losing an old friend, so no laughter from me -- you have my sincere condolences...