21 October 2009

Don't Even Think About It

It's no secret that I'm anal retentive. It annoys my friends. It annoys my husband. It annoys me. But I am who I am.

Because I am anal retentive, I noticed the other day that our grill was moved. I know this for a fact because I always leave it at a perfect angle in the corner of our backyard. I went over to check it out and saw that the flowers behind the grill were all bent, like someone had walked or laid on them. Um, Billy?

After only a second or two of investigation, we were convinced that someone had hid behind our grill. Hid from someone or hid because they were trying to break in and we or someone else startled them we're not sure.

It freaked us out, but we didn't dwell on it - until yesterday when Billy told me that our friends' home was broken into while they were sleeping. No one was hurt and all of the items that were taken are replaceable and they don't live in our neighborhood, but it makes our little grill/flower situation a bit more concerning.

That's why I'm barring the windows and installing new locks tonight. Oh, and Devo is going to take a class in dog fighting.


Sad Panda said...

Wow, that's scary! You could also install an automatic sprinkler system that shoots maple syrup, hooked up to a pulley system that, when activated, dumps two tubs of feathers straight onto the intruder. Not only will they run away from this surprise, but there will be a potential burglar running around like Big Bird.

Just call me the revamped Chris Hansen.

SassyTimes said...

I'd consider that a benefit of being anal. That's scary!!!!

Written Permission said...

We woke up one morning last winter to see giant-sized boot prints in the snow all around the perimeter of our house, particularly around one of our living room windows, as though someone had been peeking in. This kind of stuff is really freaky -- hopefully you guys have some kind of alarm system! Eek. Stay safe.

wrestling kitties said...

Yeah, that is straight up scary. Sad Panda, I love your idea. I think that will work!

AthenaBee said...

I LOVE MY ADT ALARM!!!!! Seriously, I wouldn't sleep with Louis on night shift without it. Free installation and not bad per month. SO worth it.

wrestling kitties said...

N. I will most likely be emailing you after the first of the year to learn more about the ADT alarm! When T. moves down to Cinci the end of next year to go to school, I will be freak'n out by myself. I think an alarm will be a much needed expense, otherwise I may not sleep for a year!