08 September 2009

I Itch

When I was in high school, I thought (for about three seconds) that I wanted to major in chemistry in college (I was smoking crack at the time). I even told my dad that I wanted to get my doctorate (ha). My research was going to determine whether mosquitoes were drawn to people with a specific blood type.

Well, here we are, nearly 15 years later. I didn't major in chemistry. I don't have a doctorate. And I've never done much research to speak of. But I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that mosquitoes prefer O+ blood. Not even hydro cortisone cream will stop the bites I got Saturday from itching.


Kay said...

Poison ivy and mosquito bites? Damn girl! That's terrible.

Steriods work!

Shaun said...

Try rubbing alcohol. For some reason it seems to really work for me on my skeeter bites.

wrestling kitties said...

I really need to find out what blood type I am because mosquito's LOVE mine, i think I have simple syrup in my veins.

I went through I semester where I wanted to be a chemist...not so much with me.

B. said...

The thing is I have O+ and they always bite you first and me second

Kelly said...

My "research" says that they actually seek their prey by temperature. The warmer you are, the more likely you are to be bitten. Plus, they like "sweet meat".