11 August 2009

Help a Sista Out

I need something to read. What do you suggest?


Kay said...

Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham. (it's written entirely in emails, which I loved.) (also, supposedly she's continued with this, or perhaps it's where it started ... anyway, there is a web site that's full of her emails, and I think it continues the story, aptly addressed: hollysinbox.com

You need to read the Charlaine Harris series: Grave Sight, Grave Surprise, An Ice Cold Grave (and there's a new one called Grave Secret coming out in October!) These are fun Sookie-ish types of reads. If you can't find them at your library I can loan you my paperback copies!

If you're in the mood for historical fiction, I highly suggest "Keeping the House" by Ellen Baker. It had a twist in it I never guessed! T'was really good.

Kelly said...

Not sure if you've read them, but the Janet Evanovich series with Stephanie Plum are hysterical. I've also recently started reading Jodi Picoult...she really draws you into the characters and touches on difficult social topics.