06 July 2009

What Say You?

I'm trying to get away from food-related Question of the Days, but unfortunately this is all I came up with:

How do you dry your hands in a public restroom?

* Towel
* Hand dryer


B. said...

Towel, I don't like hand dryers they never get them totally dry.

On a side note, I find that the automatic towel dispensers never dispense enough towel for me.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I NEVER take the time for hand dryers. They take FAR tooooo long.

(The only time I like them is when I'm at the Toledo zoo for the Lights before Christmas and I'm freezing.)

Anonymous said...

Towels...only if they are paper. The other "towel" that is fabric - the kind that is fabric and that you pull down makes me sick.

wrestling kitties said...

I prefer towels also.

Iris Took said...

Excel hand dryer - the uber fast one!