30 July 2009

Let Me Get that for You

I have to admit that sometimes when I hold the door for someone and they don't say thank you, I want to say you're welcome anyway. But that seems b*tchy.


Sad Panda said...

I do the same thing, but only when it's a group of people who haven't said thank you. If it's just one person, and he/she didn't say those drastically underused words, I just think that that person is an a-hole. But if it's several people and NONE of them say anything, I've been known to say, "Oh, don't worry, you're welcome!" loud enough for them all to hear.

Iris Took said...


I also get mad when I have CLEARLY let someone go ahead or waited for them in traffic and they don't wave.


Kelly said...

screw bitchy! say it! maybe a little reminder about manners is what they need!

wrestling kitties said...

AGREE!! And yes, say it...people are just way too rude these days.