14 July 2009

I'm Old

Yesterday my friend B. Twittered that he was having trouble being creative. He blamed it on it being Monday. I Twittered back, 'I blame it on the rain. (Cause the rain don't mind. And the rain don't care.)'

He had NO IDEA what I was referring to. He said he gathered that it was a lyric, but couldn't even guess the genre. After I told him it was Milli Vanilli (in a high-pitched screechy voice because I was so flabbergasted), he said, 'Oh, I've never heard it.'

Kids these days. What are you gonna do?


D said...

Ugh. I'm disgusted.
I was playing the song by Digable Planets (Rebirth of Slick) the other day, and my boss' daughter looked at me like I was crazy. That's not even that far back!

Mickey D. said...

This hurts me. And because it hurts me so much, I'm going to go over and smack him upside the head so that it hurts him too.

Even if he wasn't around for this time, SURELY he's aware of the pop culture reference to it? Especially being the music fan that he is.

Oh goodness.

SassyTimes said...

Seriously? How does someone not know Milli Vanilli?

Iris Took said...

I, too, am flabbergasted. Also a little disgusted that he didn't know about Milli Vanilli.

B. said...

I one time heard a story about a guy our age playing classic rock songs that had been sampled into more current hip hop songs and the kids he had working for him were talking about how they couldn't believe that somebody already remade Puff Daddy(or other). They didn't even understand at all

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

UGH. How disappointing. This is what's wrong with the younger generation.

The embarrassment of Milli Vanilli is part of Americana.

Slap that kid. He should have known this.

(D. I TOTALLY remember Digable Planets. Awesome.)

t.w.i.t. said...

Friend or not, I'm assuming you punched this guy in the face, right?

Do you remember the show "Sister Kate"? Milli Vanilli once made a guest appearance on that show. It rained in that episode. There was blame involved.

(Nate has an intern that has never seen an episode of 90210, but he's "heard of it." Also worthy of a facepunch.)