09 July 2009

I'm of No Use Today

I don't know what's going on with me today, but I just can't get in the groove. This happens from time to time, but today is crazy bad. For example, instead of letting my dog out the front door so he could do his business this morning, I tried to throw B.'s shoes outside. If I hadn't caught myself, I'm pretty sure I would have put Devo in the hall closet.

I've also spent the entire morning convinced it's a. Wednesday and b. late morning. Imagine my surprise when my coworkers convinced me it was, in fact, early morning Thursday.

I'm not sure what else today is going to bring, but I'm mentally preparing for anything. I just may put sugar on my fries at lunch. Or walk into the men's restroom. You never know.


D said...

So laughing out loud right at this moment. I once found my TV remote in the fridge - I thought that only happened in sitcoms.

Shaun said...

Are you pregnant?! HA! J/K..unless you are.... ;) I always get super absent minded when I'm pregnant.