29 July 2009

I'm Going on a Trip ...

... and I'm taking with me an ... apple. I used to love that game (much to B.'s dismay).

Anyway, B. and I are getting ready to plan a vacation for this fall. It's been awhile since we've gone somewhere we wanted to go and not somewhere we had to go for a wedding, reunion, graduation, etc. It's also been awhile since we've gone somewhere other than Hocking Hills (can you blame us? It's so pretty there!).

So, where should we go? We want to go sometime in September or October. We like to camp (but already have a mini-vacay planned for Hocking Hills, so I think this should be a hotel trip). We'd be bringing BB, who'd be 8- to 9-months-old at the time of the trip.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!


SassyTimes said...

Do you guys (and your baby) like water? Clearwater Florida. Beautiful and kid friendly. 8-9 months is a great age for the beach.

Mickey D. said...

I say it's never too early to take your baby to VEGAS!

I agree with SassyTimes, a cute little beach place could be fun. Maybe in one of the Carolinas or something? Florida is always great too.

Shaun said...

I hear Payne Ohio is lovely this time of year. I also hear that there are some pretty cool people that live there. I also heard that those pretty cool people are having a party on Labor Day weekend and would love for you to come.

Kay said...

Your post title had me singing the theme song to Little Einsteins .. "We're going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship, zooming through the sky..."

I don't know where to suggest for you to go as my travels are limited to MI and OH. But I will say that going on a vacation as a family is something you MUST do! I never realized the importance of it until we went on ours. Going somewhere with friends and family is really fun too, but it's super special and precious to go on a trip with just your family. We have made a pact with ourselves that we'll take a family vacation once a year, just us.