09 July 2009

Ban the Bottle?

I just read that a small town in Australia is banning the sale of bottled water over concerns about its environmental impact. On the surface, I think this is a cool idea. On a selfish note, I think this stinks.

I love bottled water. Not the taste, but the convenience. I know I could carry around a reusable water bottle, and I try to, but I always find myself going back to the environment-killing bottles sooner or later.

However, if 2,500 Bundanoonians can live without bottled water, so can I. I think.


Shaun said...

I think it's great! No more waste! Hooray!!! We don't buy bottled water, mainly because I can't stand PAYING for WATER!!! I can get pretty much the same thing out of a Brita pitcher. We take water with us everywhere, but we use reusable bottles. Not only are we doing our part to save the environment, we're saving a ton of money too.

Iris Took said...

You can do it!

When I started my current job, we really frown upon bottled water here and it is encouraged to byo vessel to work.

I have not purchased bottled water since February and it is awesome. I bought a great water bottle that I love and it is like an extension of me (or my purse).

It was an adjustment though, not gonna lie there.