08 June 2009

What a Rip Off

Alternate title: You can keep your $4.
Alternate-alternate title: I'm offended.

B. and I met up with our best buds B. and M. Friday for a relaxing morning of garage sale-ing. Armed with bottles of water, small bills and an open mind, we hit the streets of a nice little subdivision in Rossford looking for baby toys, baby clothes and, oddly enough, a coat tree.

About halfway through the neighborhood, I found a cute little jewelry box, still in its box, marked $4. I don't need a jewelry box, but I liked the looks of it. I was going to see if they'd take $2. Then, I turned the box over and saw the store sticker - Clearance $1.34. They were trying to turn a profit on this jewelry box! And they didn't even bother to take the clearance sticker off!

B. said I should've offered $1.34, but I decided I didn't want it anymore. I'm not exactly sure why, but I was peeved.


Shaun said...

I went to some garage sales this weekend too! My favorite thing is when people try to sell stained clothes or stuff that is clearly junk. Why would I pay for clothes that are already stained? And chances are, if you don't want that busted lamp, neither does anyone else.

SassyTimes said...

I just learned that one of the resale shop ladies goes to garage sales the minute they start and buys up all of the 'good' baby stuff, then turns around and resells it at her resale shop for more money.

Now THAT is a rip off! and so NOT fair to true garage salers.

Hopefully no one else bought that jewelry box either!

A. said...

Shaun, you woulda loved one of the sales. The clothes were '50 cents for clean, 25 cents for stained'.

RedCurlGirl said...

I'd have been irritated too--if you're going to rip someone off at least take off the damn sticker from the previous purchase!