30 June 2009

Thanks, Big Brother

I knew from the minute I opened the mail the other night that I was going to blog about a letter we got (isn't that sad?), but I've been going back and forth about the point of my post. Allow me to explain:

Evidently, Nestle has recalled some Toll House cookie dough products because of a possible connection with illnesses caused by E.coli. That sucks. What coulda sucked more is that we bought some of the recalled products - only I didn't know it until I got a letter from Costco.

At first I was irritated that Costco keeps a record of my purchases. I know stores do it, it just makes me feel weird. But then I kinda thought it was cool that we got a letter. If we hadn't already eaten all the cookie dough, I could have returned it.

So, I guess even though it freaks me out, I'm glad Big Brother is watching. Sorta.

P.S. Big Brother, the show, starts July 9th!

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