04 June 2009

Roll with Me

How do you place your toilet paper on the holder - over or under?


SassyTimes said...

I go over.... Under bothers me.

This was all over Facebook yesterday and it was rather interesting to see how many people don't really care. Maybe I have a bit of an obsessive nature, but I do care. It has to be over. ;)

Sarah said...

HA! I totally did a poll about this a couple years ago...quite a heated debate. :)

I really don't care, though my vote back then was under, because my cats used to paw at the roll, and if it was over, the paper would unravel and pile up on the floor.

wrestling kitties said...

HA, I remember that Sarah! I am totally against under...the only way for me is over.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

ALWAYS over.
Under is too close to the wall. Blech.