02 June 2009


A funny thing happened Sunday - karma kicked me for getting cocky.

I woke up Sunday morning and decided I wanted some bacon. Instead of waiting for B. to wake up and cook breakfast, I decided to brave the frying pan and fend for myself. Fifteen minutes later, I enjoyed a few strips of perfectly crisp bacon.

This is a big deal because, well, I can't fry things. Not eggs. Not breakfast meat. Not French toast. The last time I tried to make grilled cheese sandwiches we literally ended up eating cheese and crackers.

Because of my successful breakfast, I decided to tackle dinner. It entailed frying up some beef medallions and then simmering them in a maple bourbon glaze. Piece of cake, right? Wrong. This here picture illustrates the oil burn I received while cooking. It doesn't tickle. It's starting to blister. My hope is that it leaves a scar to remind me to never again try my hand at cooking anything that involves a frying pan. Or a griddle; griddles are bad too.


Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

OMG. Ow.

I'm sorry. See? This is why I can't get behind cooking.

I did quite a number to my arm a couple of days before my wedding and still sport the scar. However, I DID slather it with Vitamin E (broke capsules open and put it on my arm) and it REALLY helped the scar.

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

P.S. I smiled seeing that hallway in the background of your picture. :)

Iris Took said...

WOW! That burn looks like a crazy tattoo. Get better!

Shaun said...

Please don't every fry anything EVER again! That looks really really nasty! Keep some burn cream on that sucker!

Kay said...

Now you see, that's why I don't cook, it's way too dangerous.