24 June 2009

Happy 624 Day!

I will admit that 624 Day isn't really a holiday, but it should be. On it, we remember the coolest house BG has to rent and the awesomeness that happened there. For example:
  • There was the time I came home from work and found a giant inflatable bouncy thing in our front yard.
  • Or the time I came home from work and found a whole party happening on the roof (complete with lawn chairs and a keg).
  • Or the time I came home from work and a girl wouldn't let me into the party. (Boy was I ticked. Hello? I lived there.)
  • But that wasn't as annoying as the time a girl came into my bedroom, woke me up and asked me where my roommate M. was.
  • Or as annoying as the time I came home and found several virtual strangers hanging out in my living room and none of my roommates were home. (One roommate went on to write a killer poem [ode? sonnet?] about me kicking said strangers out.)
I guess these things are what happen when you live with three boys, one of who was in a band. After hours parties were a way of life back then. It wasn't their fault that I had to leave for work at 5:30 a.m. and they were still going strong. (Or was it?) Mostly good times were had at 624:
  • We had a chili cook-off once.
  • And about a million flippy cup tournaments.
  • For awhile we got on a Dominoes kick, which was less likely to break out in a fight than euchre was. (BTW, 'counting cards' is how you play euchre, buddy.)
  • People often slept in our yard. (And may have done other stuff in our yard.)
  • We had a nice yard; thanks Yard Crew! (How many college kids can say they had a crew to mow, rake and weed wack?)
Having a large yard (front and back) and a long driveway was usually a good thing. We were secluded from the road, so passers-by didn't have a clue as to the shenanigans going on, and we were surrounded by trees, with fields on three sides, so neighbors didn't call the cops. However:
  • Fields mean groundhogs. RIP Chalmers, Chalmeretta and family. You aren't missed.
  • And trees mean, well, trouble when near-tornado-force winds whip through town. I have awesome pictures somewhere of the tree that fell across our driveway and the tree that was literally ripped out of the ground by its roots. (Again, thanks Yard Crew!)
  • But trees also mean Tree Golf, which is a great game to play when you're drunk and it's too late (or too early) to walk across the street to play disc golf.
I may not have enjoyed every second of living at 624, but in hindsight, it was a great experience. Happy 624 Day, guys!


B. said...

There were some great memories from that house. It was once said that "This is the freest we will ever live!" and it was true.

You forgot to mention the million bonfires we had, where we burned just about everything but a car(it was talked about). Also the 21 bottle rocket salute you got from your roomies while you were leaving for work.

Ahh good times and great memories!

Bradford said...

Greatest memories! Vinyl fires blacker than the night itself, taco nights, foose ball debauchery, dartboard legends, games of @sshole which exposed intoxicant cheaters, THE DOLLS, party guest having to take their shoes off only to have mice run over their feet, passing out my first time over there due to first encounters with Barenjager and waking up with a thesaurus written on me face...

But honestly Amber it is ours and the town's luck that your love for the Yetti was stronger than any random shin-dig and utter compromise of personal space. But that's easy for me to say, being the worst roomate and all;] A FAR CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYy