23 June 2009

A Big Hug

Within a 12-month span, more than 10 of my friends have had or will have babies! Each announcement, each delivery is amazing - proof that miracles happen!

Over the years, roughly half of my friends have had some form of infertility. Until recently, very few of them talked about it. In fact, it was only after Baby B. was born that I told a coworker about my issues, only to find out that she had the same problems, took the same drugs and even went to the same doctors (we love you, Dr. Karnitis!). In hindsight, sharing my troubles may have made them easier (isn't there an old adage something along those lines?).

So, here's a big hug to everyone experiencing fertility problems. I hope that you find strength. I hope that you keep the faith. I hope that your prayers are answered. And here's a hug to everyone who's experienced fertility problems. I hope your journey had a happy ending. I hope any future journeys are smoother. I hope you are able to use your experience to help others.


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Kay said...

I second this sentiment!

Kelly said...

I hear ya! We had our issues too. And I know quite a few friends and family who had to take a few extra steps as well. =)