02 June 2009

The Animals are Restless

Sometimes I seriously doubt that B. and I are mature enough to be parents. For example, last week I walked into the nursery and saw the monkey and the lion from Baby B.'s mobile 'hanging out'. I cracked up, then ran to tell B. to check it out. He thought it was so funny he took a picture - and texted it to people. Now I'm blogging about it.

Yep. We're super mature.


SassyTimes said...

I think it helps to be a little immature when you are a parent. Your baby will appreciate your sense of humor.

Shaun said...

Being mature is over rated. My favorite Mom moments are the moments when I'm not a Mom at all. I love to chase Adelae around the yard, dance silly in the kitchen, make funny faces in the mirror, talk in silly voices and just be a kid again in general. It's so great! I know there will come a day when she's embarrassed by me, so I'm taking full advantage now!