30 May 2009

Looking for a Forever Home

Hi there! My name is Tristan. I'm a 2-year-old, pure-bred Maltese. I'm a little ball of energy - housebroken, neutered, good with kids and up-to-date on my shots. Here's where it gets sad: my mom and dad can't keep me anymore. If you know anyone who can give me a forever home, please let my Aunt A. know by commenting.


Stine said...

Hello.. I know you don't know me but I came across your blog post. I'm from Bluffton, Ohio. My parents used to have a Maltese that just recently passed away of cancer and my mom is very upset about it. I saw this picture and thought it right away.. but where do you live? and how much are you asking for it? Thanks so much for your time.

Stine said...

Here is a way to get a hold of me.mccaffertychristine056@gmail.com

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

(Having gone to college in Blufton, AND knowing where you live A., ya'll are approximately 60 miles from one another.)