20 May 2009

Goodbye, AI. I'm done. (For real.)

I've only watched a few episodes of American Idol this year - mostly because I. Hate. Adam. - and wasn't planning on watching last night. However, for the most part, I thought I still liked the show. My plan was to cover my ears when Adam sang and when the judges kissed his a**, er, critiqued him.

But, I shoulda listened to my own Tweet from a few weeks ago about how I was done with American Idol. Here's why: Adam and Kris each had to sing a song they had sang during the season, a song of the producer's choice and the song chosen to be the winner's first single. After Adam sang 'Mad World', Randy said, 'I'm glad you picked a song you already sang this year.' Um. He had to. You can't give him props for something he had to do. Moron.

Then, after Kris sang the producer's choice song, Randy said, 'I really don't think you should've picked that song, dawg.' Oh my god. He didn't. It was the producer's choice. Again, moron.

I really don't get why everyone loves Adam so much. I can't stand to look at him, or listen to him. Blech. The only bright spot in this season is that Kris will have much more freedom in his career by coming in second.


B. said...

I am glad that I stuck to my guns and didn't watch it. I don't understand the obsession with him. I don't think Adam hit all the notes, at times sounded flat, other times sounded too broadway. All things that they normally say to contestants and for some reason they chose not to hear any of that and decided to kiss his butt.

I am glad that I didn't get to hear the judges make the statements you posted about. I would have been yelling at the TV.

Let them choose who they want to win. I am not going to listen anymore.

Mickey D. said...

Can I vote Randy off the show? He is without use.