20 May 2009

A Fox Singing Show I Like

The only good thing about sitting through American Idol last night was that Glee premiered after the Adamfest show ended.

This one-hour musical comedy follows an optimistic high school teacher as he tries to inspire a motley crew of students to make it to glee club nationals.

I already feel attached to several of the characters: the glee club's star Rachel can sing, the cheerleading coach (Jane Lynch, who doesn't love her?) is hilariously evil, the teacher's wife is going to be fun to hate and the teacher's 'secret admirer' Emma is going to be fun to root for (even if she is trying to break up a marriage).

Oh, and I get to sing while watching TV.

I'm bummed that the show doesn't actually start until this fall, but I kinda like the way Fox is rolling this show out. Several events are planned through the summer to maintain and further build interest.

P.S. Songs from last night's show (Rehab, Don't Stop Believin') are available on iTunes. Glee is also on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

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Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

How GREAT is the music on that show? LOVE it. Love it. Love it.