15 December 2008

The Real Gift?

To get the full value of this post, you need to know a few things about me. First, I'm crafty (not in the Beastie Boys 'she gets around' way, but in the 'makes her own cards' way); second, my home is decorated in a country primitive theme and third, I hate to receive gifts. I'm so bad at it. Someone could give me David Boreanaz covered in chocolate and I'd still not know exactly how to express my gratitude. I always feel so fake.

That was totally not the case this weekend. And I think I figured out why.

This weekend I got two early Christmas gifts: a candle set and a set of 100 gel pens. I was super excited about each gift. The candle set matches everything in my house and is a scent I love and the pen set is going to bring my crafting to a whole new level.

But the real gift wasn't the gifts themselves. It's that both people knew me well enough to pick out perfect gifts - not lotions or gift cards or cocoa gift sets. Which brings me to the answer to the title of this post - friends.

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Sad Panda said...

I try to do stuff like that for gifts. Don't get me wrong, if a friend loves a band with a rare CD that I find, of course I'll get it for him/her. But I'm trying to think of gifts that are outside the box. I hope the pens will give you hours of fun! (I know I would; I'm a pen whore)