19 December 2008

An Open Letter

To Whom it May Concern:

While I like living in a world where conversation/debate is encouraged and very few topics are off limits, I still think people should think about who they are preaching to and what they are preaching before they step up on their soap box. I value everyone's opinion, but harping and name-calling I can't handle.

Case in point: the auto bailout. If you want to talk rationally and informatively about the situation, give me a call. If you want to call autoworkers greedy wh*res or lazy bums or uneducated luckyheads who should be thankful they have any job at all, don't do it around me. (Did you ever think that just maybe my dad or friends or relatives work in the auto industry? You didn't? Hmm.)

I don't blindly support every aspect of the auto industry or unions or the bailout and I'd be happy to talk pros and cons with you, but I refuse to listen to you naively spout your opinions until you do a little research. Or work in a factory for one week.

Thank you,


TLC said...

amen to this!

i tend to NOT talk about it with anyone (other than my dad and husband) because I grow weary of hearing all the crap being spewed.

personally i'm happy they are getting a bail out. why? because of selfish reasons - my husband is the purchasing manager at a supplier to the big 3 and they are in serious trouble right now. no one knows if the bailout is even going to help, but at least we have HOPE now.

Sad Panda said...

I agree. Communication 101: always know your audience.