15 December 2008

My Christmas Traditions

Whenever someone asks about Christmas traditions, I always get a little bit sad, thinking that I didn't have any growing up. We didn't leave cookies out for Santa, or spend the holidays with extended family, or search for a pickle hidden in the Christmas tree. But as I've gotten older, I've realized that we had our own traditions, which, while not the same as other people's, are in fact traditions.

For example, every Christmas Eve, my brother and I would exchange one gift, usually a game and always from each other; Santa didn't come until Christmas morning. (If my mom was still alive, I'd bet $100 she'd still write 'Santa' on the to/from labels.)

After we played the new games and my dad headed off to work, my brother and I would make a couch cushion fort in one of our rooms and stay up as late as we could waiting for Santa. (That must have killed my mom, who always saved present wrapping until Christmas Eve.)

Then on Christmas morning, my dad would stomp across the roof, yelling 'Ho, ho, ho', which was the sign that my brother and I could go out to the living room.

I never really thought about it before because they aren't traditional traditions, but by definition those are traditions! What were yours?


wrestling kitties said...

My parents wrap all our gifts on christmas eve too! And I LOVE that your dad stomped accross the roof!!

We had alot of traditions growing up, but t & i are trying to make our own together the past couple years. It can be sad sometimes because you want things done they way they were when you were a kid but that isn't the case when there's just two of you. Like no hunting for the christmas pickle :(

We do buy a special ornament each year and this year we are going to have a christmas eve party with his family. We will open gifts and have some snacks that way T & I can spend Christmas day together. I am sure once we start having kids there will be more traditions.

Kelly said...

Once we were old enough to face the harsh truth about jolly ol' St. Nick, my brother and I used to have to bring the presents downstairs and put them under the tree on Christmas Eve. Then we would go to church, and when we got home, we were allowed to select one present to open. The rest had to wait until the morning.

Now, our traditions have changed a little. Since we have the kids, we still do church on Christmas Eve but my mom and stepdad come up bright and early Christmas morning so they can be here to see the kids opening their gifts. Then I make a nice breakfast and we settle the kids down for a nap. Thankfully, my mom is willing to make dinner, so we pack the kids up after their naps and head to Grammy and Pop Pop's house for round 2!

Anonymous said...

I think those are fabulous traditions! I hope you get to pass them on to your children.