24 November 2008

That Went Well

One of the hardest parts of my job is hiring and firing, and today unhiring, people. I've been pretty lucky so far - not many people apply for the jobs I supervise so hiring is usually a given, no tough choices to make. And the one time I had to fire someone, that person quit literally minutes before I dropped the bomb.

But I recently had to choose between a current employee and a potential one for a spring position. After agonizing over the decision, I sought the advice of some trusted friends and the verdict was unanimous - I had to tell the current employee that she would not be rehired for the spring.

I dreaded making the call, although I was pretty sure I made the right choice. Even so, I thought I was going to throw up as I dialed her number. Most of that tension went away after she more or less hung up on me after being given the news. The rest of the tension went away after she quit her current position (through a text to a coworker) within minutes of hanging up on me.

I still feel bad that I had to give her the bad news, but I'm no longer questioning my choice. Instead I'm wondering if she's heard the phrase 'burning bridges'.


Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

You made the right decision. And, how lovely that she showed you who she really is.

Iris Took said...

Nice to have some affirmation.